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In love with art & technology. who care about high tech products with focus on user problem solving with beautiful interfaces. I like be in teams & planing & lead team to achieve goals. 

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Diba ( Dey bank application ) – versiton 2

download diba from cafebazar

Due to the experiences I gained in designing this application, my interest in the field of businesses related to financial applications increased. user flow and user journey map in this field is most important and one simple wrong choice equal to miss user.

Diba ( Dey bank application ) – versiton 1

After first publishing and give feedback, stakeholders request to redesign according to the user feedback and new branding. all of 2 version designed by me.

Kishair ( Kish Airlines application)

Alopark application

Download alopark application from cafebazar

Tourism websites

Designing in the field of tourism for B2B Service is one of the branches in which I have experience. When you have a pre-written web service and you have to design it differently while you also have to consider the limitations of the development team, your hand will be a bit closed.

Atyeh Gasht Sabz

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Hermes tourist agency website

Shafagh agency websites


In this project I changed the base of website from advertising to the service base; Unfortunately The investor and the owner of the project declared bankruptcy . Business was about online request to repair car

I do design pages and give prototype using HTML/5, CSS/3, jqury to backend team.

Organization Website for government(when I worked in Sigma ITID)